The 7th grade Mt. Fuji Team website

Sleds and Sled Dogs–Now and Then

Answer questions on your shared Google Doc.

1.  What are the most common woods to make a sled from?

2.  Which is the strongest wood?

3.  Why does a sled have to be both strong AND flexible?

4.  How does a sled turn?

5.  How much weight might a freight sleigh be able to carry?

6.  What are traditional sleds called?

7.  Look at the illustration of the sled on the website.

    Draw the sled and mark all the parts listed.  You can draw this on a separate sheet of paper and turn in attached to your questions.

8.  What was the name of the sled company that mas-produced sleds to men and women heading to the Klondike and parts North?

9.  List the minimum and maximum number of dogs necessary to pull a sled in goldrush times.

10.  How large (lbs.) would a “trap line or freighting” dog be?

11.  Why were dogs “an expensive commodity” during the gold rush?

12.  If a miner could not afford a sled dog, how did they get their equipment and food to the gold fields?

13.  How many calories can a dog working on the trail consume in a day?

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