The 7th grade Mt. Fuji Team website

Here are some notes if you missed them:

Scientific Method notes

Newton’s Laws notes

Energy notes

 Light and Color Notes

Phases of Matter Notes

Atoms Notes

Below are some helpful websites for science class:

End of Year Survey

Snow Crystals: Snowflake Primer

PSC Clouds

NOVA: Hunt for the Super Twister

Weather Stats

Weather Whiz Kids

Weather Dude

Integumentary System: Skin Stuff

Virtual Knee Surgery

Froguts demo 

Frog Anatomy #1

Frog Anatomy #2

Health Exploration Station

Cells Alive!  

Virtual Microscope Tutorial

Microscope Sites & Games

Biological Classification

Diversity of Life on Earth

Animal Classification

Classifying Life

Polymer Flash Activities

Hands On Plastics

Periodic TablETRIS Game

Sortify: Elements of the Periodic Table

Hour of Code


Matter Matching

States of Matter

Changing States Simulation

Heating Experiment

Colors of Visible Light

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Coaster Creator

Funderstanding Roller Coaster Physics

Newton’s Laws Interactive

Virtual Lab: Force = Mass x Acceleration

Moving Man

Science Spot Kid Zone

Brain Pop




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