The 7th grade Mt. Fuji Team website

Klondike Gold Rush

Answer questions on your shared Google Doc.

Click on the title above to go the the website to answer these questions:

1.  Name the three men who found gold in Rabbit Creek, near Dawson, in the Yukon region of Canada.

2.  Why did most of the early stakeholders become wealthy?

3.  In what year did the Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper tell the story of the steamship Portland with “more than a ton of gold” on board?

4.  Of the approximately 100,000 who set off for the Klondike, how many were able to complete the trip?  What approximate percentage is this?

5.  How did the “Klondikers” make their way to the gold fields?

6.  What did the Northwest Mounted Police in Canada require that the gold miners bring with them?

7.  What was the coldest temperature a miner might experience in the winter time and where would he have sheltered from the cold?

8.  Name the two trails Klondikers could take to the gold fields.

9.  Who was “Soapy” Smith and what did he do?

10 Why did Dawson become the largest city north of San Francisco?

11.  How much gold do they estimate was found, adjusted to late 20th Century standards, in the Klondike?

12.  How is Donald Trump’s relative involved in the gold rush?

13.  What did Jack London write about while in the Klondike?

14.  Who were Belinda Mulroney & Martha Black?

15.  Why did most of the Klondikers lose money on the gold rush?

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