The 7th grade Mt. Fuji Team website

Jack London’s Life

Answer questions on your shared Google Doc.

Go to the title above and click on it to find the information listed below:

1.  Where and when was Jack London born?

2.  What were the names of his mother, father, and step-father?

3.  Why did Jack’s family move around so much when he was a young boy between the ages of 3-10?

4.  What is the Razzle Dazzle and for what purpose did Jack London use it?

5.  In 1893 Jack writes his first short story.  What is its name?

6.  In 1896 Jack enters the University of California at Berkeley but only stays one semester.  Why?

7.  Which year does Jack sail for the goldrush in the Klondike?

8.  What is the illness Jack gets in the Yukon Territory that causes him to return to Oakland?

9.  Jack marries for the first time.  State the month, date and year, and the name of the woman he marries.

10.  When does Jack start writing The Call of the Wild?

11.  When is The Call of the Wild published?

12.  What is the name of Jack’s second wife?

13.  What year does Jack contract to begin the building of his sailing ship, the Snark?

14.  Why does Jack return to U.S. in 1908?

15.  What happens to Jack and Chairmain’s first child in 1910?

16.  When does work begin on Wolf House and where is it located?

17.  After Jack’s appendectomy, what does problem does Dr. Porter tell Jack he also has?

18.  1913 is a bad year for Jack.  What happens to his beloved Wolf House?

19.  Why does Jack resign from the Socialist Party?

20.  What is the month, day, and year of Jack’s death.  How old is he when he dies?

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