The 7th grade Mt. Fuji Team website

For this unit, you will be working on the following information as background information for Jack London’s famous novel, The Call of the Wild.

Your group assignments are listed below.

Essential questions:

1.  What key life experiences were influential in Jack London’s  

     writings?  See Jack London’s chronology (biography)

2.  Why did people rush to The Klondike?

3.  What qualities made/make an excellent Sled Dog?


Copy and paste the questions into a Google doc.

Share with your teammates & ME (be sure to share with Kathleen Heinle)

Write in your answers in red or blue right after the question.

Print out one copy per group to hand in to teacher.  Make sure all group member names  are on the top right hand side of the page.

After completing this unit, you should have a good understanding of:

  • Jack London’s life
  • The Klondike Gold Rush…and Sled dogs and their use during the Klondike Gold Rush.Jack London photoGold minersled dogs






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